We promise to uphold the true craft in all that is craft brewing.  With every batch, careful consideration will be given to each and every step - from the milling of grain to the pouring of glasses.  We promise that we will only present brews of our highest quality, for we believe that every one of our customers deserves to be treated as a connoisseur.  

Brewing is an ancient and sophisticated art that we will hold in the highest regards for how it has evolved and flourished to become as cultured and varied as it is today.

We will do our best to promote the craft beer industry’s presence in the world as an ethical and marvelously diverse community of innovative craftspeople and enthusiasts, and we will foster our determination to bring out its potential in bringing folks together from all walks of life.  

We believe fervently in freedom of expression and will give all forms of art the proper respect they deserve.  

We will strive to promote them vigilantly and honor their marvelous contributions to humanity.  

We will regard our friends and employees as the vital constituents they are, without whom this vision could never become a reality. We will aim to compensate them and show our gratitude as much as we possibly can - encouraging their growths as individuals, and nurturing their infinite potentials as the Downbeat crew and members of life on earth.  

No matter what the future holds, we promise that we will never forget our humble beginnings, nor will we ever treat this company as a dispensable entity driven by greed.  At Downbeat, we want each and every one of you to respect yourself, your life, and all that you have to offer.  Whether you are a beer fanatic or a passerby, you are worthy of greatness.