Assorted roasted malts combine with oatmeal for a smooth initial taste.  Cold-brewed coffee added before pressurization for enhanced flavor profile.  Full and lively character with rich coffee notes.  The coffee aroma is subtle and invigorating.

Allegro IPA

6.0 % ABV

7.0 % ABV

Sonata Honey

Ginger Blonde


Coffee Stout

6.0 % ABV

Hop-forward IPA with complex malt structure, utilizing blends of Vienna and Caramel 40 malts with a baseline of 2-Row for depth of character.  Mossaic and Citra hops used exclusively for a bright, refreshing palette-pleaser.  Light early bittering with bold late additions emphasize citrus and herb characteristics.

Classic mix of British and German malts give way for a blonde-style malt structure paired with Pacifica and Citra hops for a characteristically light flavor that holds hands with its fresh infusion of honey and ginger.